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Sonny Angel Christmas (Limited Edition)

sonnyangel-christmas-2013-3Remember the Sonny Angel?

Well, now you are here to celebrate Christmas. These sweet, friendly and compelling angels come to us for Christmas dresses.
It is a limited edition so you should hurry to not stay without it.
You can find a reindeer, a Santa Claus, a Christmas Gingerbread or snow a nice doll.
And as always, try your luck to see if you get the Sonny Angel surprise.
A cute Santa Claus Reindeer and pink dresses. They are lovely.
Buy them to complete your collection or as gifts this Christmas.
Remember it is your guardian angel and will always be with you or your loved ones.
Where to buy Sonny Angel?, from today can be purchased at Nins and through our online store.
Do not wait or you might miss if they. Leave a comment and share your experiences with us.

And remember, Sonny Angel never forsake you.


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