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Baby Bites Bags

Sacos para bebés Baby Bites

Baby Bites

In Nins we are in luck, with the arrival of cold and we can offer the great bags Baby Bites.
Bags Baby Bites are original and comfortable multipurpose bags for your baby.
You can use for your baby is warm in the crib, in his bassinet or stroller when you go for a walk.
Their designs are funny,  when you see a fierce shark eats your cute baby.
The fabrics used are 100% anti-mites and cotton.
They measure 98 cm x 73 cm and are suitable for babies from 1 month to give approximately 18 months.

They feature a side zipper for easy on mom and baby make it out without problems. They also have built a universal grommets to use in strollers.
They are designed and made by artisans in Barcelona with their creative Andrea and Sophie who have transmitted their experiences, knowledge and above all his love and affection.
Then we show you pictures of some of the bags we hope you enjoy,
They can be ordered in our online store and you will have in your home comfortably in a beautiful and convenient carton.

Buy Baby Bites Bags Online

Buy Baby Bites Bags Online



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