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Muslins Aden Anais


How to swaddle video

Video how to swaddle your baby with Aden Anais muslins.
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como arroparal bebe con muselina aden anais

How to swaddle with muslin

Here you will see a complete guide on how to properly clothe your baby with Aden Anais muslin.
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Aden Anais , the most comfortable to wrap the baby like I was in the womb. The Aden + Anais muslins are 100% cotton. Tissue is a transparent and airy. Natural fibers allow the body temperature of your body to stay naturally, eliminating over-heating. By weight, almost zero, and high strength is essential in any place for your baby.
Wherever you are, the uses that have the muslin are multiple: to shade the baby in the cart, as direct blanket to protect the baby, protect the breast during nursing, you can use the muslin as a blanket on the floor, and Main use: wrap the baby to sleep protected, cool and comfortable – as parents are making from ancient Egypt. Aden + Anais exception is synonymous with quality.
It is market leader in the U.S. where they are using the famous Hollywood (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Camila Alves, Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, among others), clothing for their babies.

Size 120 x 120 cms. Buy Aden Anais muslins Online