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LittleLia by Beth ara a Nins

LittleLia by Beth

LittleLia by Beth

LittleLia by Beth

Nins want to introduce you to the brand LittleLia that you may find in our shop and soon also in our
online store.

LittleLia is the brand name for the singer, actress and mother Beth Rodergas.

Lia, the lovely Beth’s daughter, has inspired the creation of the brand as well as the collection of items made in house and only manually.

Sewn at home, with all love mothers.

Made with soft, traditional clothes, except for the old market towns and other cities around the world, presents a collection of hold pacifiers, blanket, bibs, headbands, towels and clothes, all patterned romantic.

Unique pieces, special sewn with her own hands, we hope that you fall in love as much as us.

LittleLia by Beth now in Nins.

Thanks Beth! Thanks Lia!

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