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Overnight bag list

You are pregnant, soon the time of birth, the birth of your baby and you're confused and immersed in a sea of ??doubt.
We've got the rookie mom syndrome.

How do I prepare for the day of delivery?
What to bring to the clinic?
Do I have a list for the clinic?
How to prepare a list of everything you need for the hospital?

If you get any of these questions and you have doubts, do not worry.
From Nins we will help you and show you how easy it is to have everything ready and prepared for the big moment. Only you have a number of things prepared.
We've compiled a list of essential items for when you go to the clinic. In any case, you will provide guidance for preparing the basket.
Remember, your baby, even if very little taste in your belly, you can decide to leave before accounts discover their new world. For this reason it is very important that you have prepared your hospital cage with one month's notice.
If you do not want to forget any details, we provide a list for you to download and check each of the things and not get any.

Download list for hospital

Remember this advice: Wash all clothing before your baby, even if new, with a special soap for babies.
Put all the baby clothes in a bag and another bag separates your first set apart, a lullaby and a muslin to go to the delivery room, and will be more comfortable.
All clothing must be 100% cotton or linen.


  • 4 Longsleeves cotton or linen:

    Shirts cotton or linen shirts, calls batista, handmade with minimal possible rallies, no buttons or anything that could hurt the baby's delicate skin.

  • 4 Shirts and cotton frog or bodies:

    Totally protect your body as it will not air the baby's waist.

Outdor clothes

  • 4 outdoor sets can consist of:

    Jersey / shirt with pants or leggings, for being winter.
    Jersey / T-peucos frog and, if it is summer. .

  • Socks or peucos:

    Is advisable to put socks or booties, so your feet are not cool if they bear frog with bare feet. Choose one that clamp well as the footwork, they usually fall.

  • 1 or 2 Cotton Caps:

    I'll ask at the clinic as it is very important to maintain the temperature of his head during the first days..

  • 4 Bibs:

    Always have to have several on hand and are used and often dirty.

  • 2 Lullabies:

    Cotton blankets are usually towel inside. Very useful to shelter the baby, cover when you give to suck, when you take it out of her bed, when you take it in your arms, etc.. You must take two units as it is very easy to get dirty with use.

  • 2 Muslins:

    Muslins, are like lullabies but thinner and softer. They are a natural woven gauze will use to cover it, protect it when you give your chest, wrap completely transmitting safety and comfort. We recommend you check their uses and how to use them

  • Toiletries and toilet:

    As comb, toothbrush, cologne, cream ass, diapers, etc..