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Adhesive wooden letters

nuestra tienda online Letras de madera de colores y adhesivas

This time we show a practical and decorative adhesive wooden letters of different colors and decorated with various motifs and animals.
These wooden letters, worn on the back an adhesive strip that allows pasting and can easily be removed without damage to the surface drills or nails..

With these wooden letters can make your child’s name to put on the wall of his room, at the door, at the head of your bed or cot, at the door of your closet, in the box of his favorite toys or where directed by your imagination. We have a large display with the whole alphabet and with a variety of colors and patterns.

If you come to our shop in Manresa, you can choose the combination that you like and if purchases through our nuestra tienda online will send you the varied without repeating colors or models unless you specify a particular preference.
In a perfect choice for a gift, both a newborn as a gift for her new room as for an older child.If purchases through our nuestra tienda online, just select each letter you need, in the drop-down and check “add to cart” for each of them to make their name.

We will deliver them to your home, or you prefer to make a gift, will deliver the address you specify within 24 hours if you wish. If you indicate, we can attach a greeting card with a message of your choice.The wood adhesive letters have a height of 40 mm and presented in individual bags.

Buy wooden letters Online

Buy wooden letters Online

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