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New born

Making your baby has to be a special moment. You'll have to choose all cotton for their delicate skin. The cambric shirts. Sets long or short, depending on the time of year. The cooing, the muslins, bibs, etc.
In Nins find some of the best brands of clothes rack, with excellent qualities, Bean's, Absorba, Petit Oh!, Tocotó Vintage, etc., can be the names of some of them. We are constantly moving so we bring new brands and items to shop in order to satisfy all our customers.
Come to Nins, we'll help you in your choice and be convinced that what seems complicated, sometimes the easiest thing.

This video is an excerpt of the "Thalasso Bain Bébé", a baby massage session the water. It's beautiful.
is done by Sonia Rochel, childcare assistant in Paris. It is worth enjoying.

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